decisions decisions

I am terrible at making decisions. I’ve always said I don’t really have favourite things because I could never decide on which I liked best. When I was a kid I had this book you were supposed to fill in with drawings and details about yourself. I loved the idea of having a snapshot of my life at that age I could look back on and reminisce when I was really old (read: a teenager). But it also gave me anxiety.

What’s your favourite food? Only one? I love all the foods.
What’s your favourite colour? I don’t knoooooow. They are all so pretty. (That scene in Monty Python where the guy gets killed at the bridge of death because he incorrectly answers what his favourite colour is terrifies me. The fear is real.)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Even as a child this question always bothered me. How am I supposed to know what my lifelong career should be when I can’t even decide what colour I like best?
Who is your favourite Beatle? All right so this wasn’t actually in the book, but an extremely challenging question nonetheless. 

Needless to say, I left most of that book blank. Partly because I was terrible at finishing projects, but also because the pressure was just too much. At the time I felt guilty I was denying future generations a glimpse into my childhood. (It’s ok young self, I now say “this is one of my favourite colours right now” when people ask. It’s just easier that way. And now we have this sweet blog which will immortalise our awesomeness just like we wanted).

Anyways, the whole point of this delightful story of my lifelong inability to choose is that is why thrift shopping is the best ever. I can walk into any given thrift shop and find a few pieces I like. Of those only a couple will fit. If they are less than $5, decision made. If it’s more than $5, there are more questions involved: Is it good quality? Does it fit really well? Do I own something like it already? Will I actually wear it? Will I regret not buying it later? If I answer affirmatively to at least a couple of these, decision made.

Case in point: this button down fits and was only 99 cents. Very little decision making needed. IMG_0324

IMG_0315 IMG_0317


  • Blouse: Salvation Army ($.99)
  • Blazer: Second Look Consignment ($18.00)
  • Riding pants: hand me down
  • Boots: Payless ($30.00)
  • Rings: gift

[In case you were wondering, the book is Triumph and Tragedy by Winston Churchill I got my Dad for Christmas at the Rotary book sale where you buy books by the pound. This is the only book we had on hand during the photo shoot. E wanted to spice things up with a prop and a book is about as spicy as I get. What I’m actually currently reading is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen/ Seth Grahme-Smith. If like me you thought “the original Pride and Prejudice was good, but it’s just missing something”, then this book is for you. That missing something was zombies. And it’s glorious.]


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