i want to ride my bicycle

I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. They make me feel more ladylike while I’m eating more food than the average boy and generally being my uncoordinated and ungraceful self. That being said, my main form of transportation is a bicycle. Although I always have this vision of a Parisian cyclist on a cruiser with a flowing skirt and flowing hair and no helmet, the reality is far from it. First of course is safety: helmets are a necessity and flowing things (hair, scarf, skirt, or otherwise) are just hazards. And then there is the issue of flashing motorists and innocent bystanders. My bike is not a cruiser (even if they are adorable) and not a step through, which is key for the skirt situation. Finally of course there’s the fact that I’m in no way Parisian.


Life is a constant struggle between these two cycling outfits


All of my problems (not withstanding the issue of nationality) were solved when I came across this beautiful textured skort. I can safely and modestly ride my bike while wearing it*, but with tights, and (dare I say quite rad) heels, still perfect for a night out. Plus there are pockets! (Pockets are almost always a selling point for me. Girls need to carry shit too. Why are our pockets always smaller/non-existent?) I’m now on the hunt for more not-your-mother’s-and/or-school-uniform’ skorts to ride around town in.

*or is it ‘them’? Because a skirt is ‘it’, but shorts are ‘them’. The WordPress dictionary doesn’t even think skort is a word, so correct pronouns be damned.




And of course there are the bike accessories! Including this adorable bike ring, which I now wear almost every day. (I also own socks, a scarf, earings, and two necklaces with bikes on them which will more than likely be featured in future posts). And not to forget the accessories for your bike: high vis, lights, and helmet!

  • Top: Gift (E bought at a charity shop in the UK)
  • Skort: Baja Rosi’s Consignment ($16)
  • Shoes: Salvation Army ($9)
  • Bracelets: hand me down
  • Ring: The Patch ($7)

2 thoughts on “i want to ride my bicycle

  1. Jean says:

    That’s great to have found that skort. I just have 3-4 running skorts which I wear for cycling distances under ie. 50 km.

    No, I don’t wear dresses nor skirts when cycling. It’s just too much of a hassle for me. It costs me a pretty penny, to find clothing that fits my petite frame and for my age bracket.


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