dirty laundry

Since making the switch over to second hand clothing, my wardrobe now contains more quality pieces made from nicer materials: silk, wool, etc. Because these items tend to outlast their cheaper counterparts, they are more likely to find their way to thrift stores and eventually my closet. It’s great to have nicer (yet more affordable) clothes, but now I’m starting to run into the issue where more and more of my clothes have special care instructions. I used to just throw everything into the washing machine, run it on cold, and call it a day. Now, most of my items are either hand wash or dry clean only. Because I am cheap and lazy, this doesn’t really happen. Why would I spend more money to clean something than I did to buy it in the first place? Just seems silly. That is all to say, I don’t wash these clothes very often. Mitch Hedberg could not have spoken more accurately when he said, “This shirt is dry clean only. Which means, it’s dirty”.



That collar and those buttons though ❤

This Anthropologie skirt and vintage blouse are supposed to be dry clean only. I’ve hand washed them a couple of times now with a mild detergent. (They actually make detergent specifically for dry clean only clothes. Sometimes companies do well to understand the inherent cheapness/laziness of us all.) Whereas this merino wool sweater is supposed to be hand wash only and I definitely throw it in the machine and lay flat to dry. I’m a rebel.

IMG_0296 IMG_0290

What methods do you employ to keep your second hand clothing looking brand new? Do you actually get them dry cleaned or do you live dangerously like me and try and wash them yourself?

  • Sweater: New Zealand Charity Shop ($6)
  • Blouse: Second Chance Consignment ($5)
  • Skirt: Second Chance Consignment ($12)
  • Shoes: Superstore ($2)
  • Jewelry: Gift/ hand me down

{A big round of applause to E for the artistic direction/photography/editing of this and all of my other outfit posts thus far. This was the last one we shot together before she went back to school in the UK. Now I’ll have to figure out my self timer/talented friend situation.}


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