festival festivities

Somewhere along the line music festivals have turned into the hot new venue to see and be seen. Why bother with a single night out in a boring LBD and heels when you can have an entire weekend of fun and flirty outfits that demonstrate your creative and laid back style? Granted for most that equates to wearing as little clothes as possible, but for others festival style is a fashion season all of its own. H&M and Forever 21 have Coachella specific lines and Claire’s and Ardene dedicate entire sections of their shops to flower crowns and feather earrings.

This summer I finally crossed ‘overnight music festival’ off my bucket list when I attended the boutique Tall Tree festival in Port Renfrew and then the much larger Squamish Valley Music Festival the other weekend. I’m pretty terrible at remembering to take pictures of all my outfits, but they almost all included skirts, sunglasses, gold temporary tattoos, and my trusty converse (which include my beloved orthotics which get me plenty of eye rolls when I mention them but jealous leers when my happy feet are walking back to the campsite in the wee hours of the morning).

By day 3 of my second festival I finally remembered to get in a couple decent outfit photos (apparently I am a terrible fashion blogger). I just purchased the top from The Patch (one of my, and the rest of Victoria’s, favourite second hand and vintage clothing stores) before the trip so I was eager to put it in action. Paired with my classic black mini skirt (you will never fail me). But of course everyone knows the most important part of an outfit (specially at festivals) is the accessories. Metallic temporary tattoos are now my new favourite thing and I could probably wax poetically about their awesomeness for an entire post (note to self: write an entire post about metallic temporary tattoos). I borrowed this flower crown from a new friend. Then bangles and rings galore!

photo 1

photo 1 (2) photo 4

photo 2 (2) photo 3

photo 2

For other novice festival goers such as myself, here are some tidbits I learned this summer:

  • Wear nail polish. It’s sparkly and hides the dirt accumulating under your nails
  • It’s physically possible to not wear a fanny pack at a music festival
  • Ear plugs are your friend
  • Wet naps are an acceptable alternative to showers
  • Food at festivals is expensive. Bring snacks.
  • Alcohol at festivals is expensive. Bring booze. (This is a bit trickier because you have to sneak it in. It requires ziplock bags and no shame.)
  • Sarongs have so many uses: scarf, towel, blanket, and if it’s hot get it wet and it will cool you down
  • I wish I still had my transition glasses. Having to switch out prescription glasses and sunglasses is a drag.
  • Know that everything you bring will end up getting covered in a layer of dirt. Another reason why cheap thrifted clothes are amazing.
  • Be prepared for multiple weather scenarios. Or not. #that’swhatboysarefor

  • Top: The Patch ($5)
  • Skirt: Value Village ($6)
  • Shoes: Kohl’s ($40)
  • Rings and Bangles: Hand me downs
  • Necklace: Hand carved Jade. By me. That I carved. 
  • Crown: Borrowed
  • Photography: M

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