bike pretty

Remember when I had qualms about riding my bike in a skirt? Well after an unseasonably warm summer in Victoria of wanting to constantly wear cute dresses, those days are long over. First it was only at night with leggings, then I started venturing out during the day, and switched leggings for tights. Sometimes when feeling particularly scandalous (usually motivated by the heat) I donned my best skater skirt with bare legs! And for my next trick I will learn how to bike in heels and arrive at my destination with perfect hair and makeup. Which is a joke because my hair and makeup is hardly perfect before leaving the house let alone after donning a helmet and biking around the city. I feel like the heels could be a possibility after a bit more practice. In the mean time I’ll stick with my go to brown boots or converse.


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Despite the fact this outfit (and generally my basic overall vibe (despite inner protests)) is pretty hipster, I do not ride a vintage fixed gear or cruiser with wicker basket. Instead I’ve got this lovely little hybrid which is perfect for zipping around the city. The model is a London, so obviously I named her Stacey after my sass/stylist mentor Stacey London. We haven’t gone on any epic tours yet, but there’s adventure abound. Stacey was stolen once and it was a dark time. VicPD found and returned my precious bike within 24 hours of it being stolen, providing for the wildest rollercoaster of emotions since the finale of What Not to Wear.


  • Dress: The Patch ($16)
  • Bag: Pipsqueak’s Consignment ($12)
  • Ring: Zellers ($.78)
  • Earrings: Gift from E
  • Belt: Value Village ($2)
  • Boots: H&M  ($20)
  • Hair, Sunglasses, and Photography: 🙂 

4 thoughts on “bike pretty

  1. vintage51 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Your outfit is so amazingly cute and so great because it is thrifty. I am a Victoria to Ottawa transplant (temporarily) and went to UVIC for my degree. Can’t wait to get back to the island, winter is just too long here, but have to wait til I retire. Cheers, Michele

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