I’m pretty good at procrastinating. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t written many themed posts. Reading about Christmas in February just doesn’t make sense. But I’ve never really minded because I haven’t cared enough. I haven’t lost sleep that I missed the time window for posting about New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day Arizona Statehood Day outfits. However last week, two important deadlines passed by without me acknowledging them: Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Day/Week. These are significant and relevant enough occasions that they warrant being mentioned, even if a bit late.

For me, Earth Day (April 22nd) and Fashion Revolution Day (April 24) go hand in hand. Common environmental issues – pollution, water and energy use, waste, pesticides, transportation costs, and overconsumption – are all major issues of the fashion industry. I’m not going to throw statistics at you (it’s generally pretty depressing) but if you want more information, I urge you to do some research: John Oliver did an amazing segment on fast fashion and of course there’s my trusty go-to The Otesha Project. The Fashion Revolution movement highlights all of these global costs while also drawing attention to labour conditions, workers rights, and further topics of social equality.

Fashion Revolution asks “Who made my clothes?” and shares a Haulternative: vintage, second hand, renting, swaping, DIY, and investment buys. Since I quit fast fashion almost 6 years ago, my closet, and subsequently this blog, are full of these haulternatives. My goal this year is to buy more sustainable/ethical options for those things I can’t find second nd: socks, underwear, athletic wear, shoes, etc. Generally I have gone straight back to fast fashion outlets for these items when I can’t find them second hand because it’s cheap and easy. However I follow a few awesome ladies who have inspired me to try a bit harder for some better alternatives.

Happy belated Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Day! What’s your favourite alternative to fast fashion? Do you have any goals this year to decrease your footprint on our lovely planet?

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