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Although I love all things sartorial, it’s been a while since I bought any new (to me) clothes. I’ve written before about the impact the fashion industry has on our planet and society, but even with more ethical and sustainable choices, I still think the best solution is to consume less. That being said, there are some special occasions that warrant a shopping trip. One of your best friends from high school getting married is definitely one of them.

IMG_4581 (2)

I find it common that people will shop at thrift stores for their basic everyday clothes and the occasional halloween costume, but head to the mall if they’re ever looking for a fancy frock. I of course have always relished in finding the perfect outfit, no matter the occasion, at a thrift store. What better place to find something one of a kind AND cheap? So when I found out my friend was getting married, I of course headed to my favourite thrift stores to score something special.

IMG_4648 (2)

The first step was deciphering the dress code. It was a summer outdoor wedding in California, but more formal than casual. I dragged my sister along to multiple stores asking with each dress I tried on “is this too fancy?” or “is this not fancy enough?”. After more than one trip to Value Village, I found a dress that had some potential. I was still uncertain about its level of fanciness, but that is where the magic of accessories comes into play. With the right hair, heels, and bling, the dress was perfect.

IMG_4670 (2)

I then had to check with my girls to see what type of footwear they would be wearing. I’m already the tallest of them and knew if they were all wearing flats, I’d be verging on giant territory. I wore four inch wedges anyway and “towered over everyone like a Glamazon” inspired my friend K. But look at these shoes, how could I not?

IMG_4643 (2)

So next time you’re shopping for that special occasion, don’t rule out the secondhand option. People will be jealous of how well-dressed you are and how little you spent 😉

  • Dress: Value Village ($12)
  • Purse: Sidney Thrift Store ($5)
  • Shoes: Value Village ($6)
  • Earrings: The Patch ($8) 
  • Ring and Bracelet: gifts
  • Photography: N ❤

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PS. Congrats to B&A and thanks for inviting me to your beautiful wedding! You’re next L 🙂

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