big day for l and a





After the winter we’ve been having, my weeklong vacation to Arizona to celebrate L and A’s wedding could not come soon enough. Unfortunately I was sick on the couch for most of it, and even Scottsdale was experiencing below average temperatures. But it was still great to catch up and celebrate with my high school besties.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear to the wedding, but had a couple ideas. The day before my flight I stopped in at Verve, an amazing designer consignment store in Victoria. I was planning on picking up a belt or shawl or purse or something to jazz up a dress I already had in my closet. Instead I found this gauzy navy number (on sale!) and couldn’t resist. Of course then I had to pop across the street to Value Village for some accessories. I managed to find a silver bracelet and necklace that went together perfectly. The older woman behind me in the checkout line even said so. Normally I wouldn’t necessarily take sartorial advice from fellow Value Village patrons, but this lady knew what was up.

Chilly temperatures necessitated a blazer and scarf on the big day, but we managed to avoid threatening thunderstorms. There was even talk of wearing tights, but I refused. I had been dying to wear these peep toe heels I’d scored at Salvation Army last fall, and wasn’t going to let a little cold weather stop me. Plus I was introduced to everyone at the wedding as “the Canadian”, so wanted to appear at least a little tough. Even though most of the other attendees (including the bride and groom) were visiting from New York, where it is much much colder than Victoria. A fact that most people refuse to believe because it’s CANADA. Unfortunately, the low temperatures meant we didn’t spend too much time outside taking pictures, but I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ll see of this dress.

The wedding itself was beautiful and the bride was stunning in her sparkly princess gown. My favourite part was that she could barely make it down the aisle because she was already crying before anything had even started. The reception was carousing as Jewish celebrations are, if substantially lacking in gluten, something I expected from my Celiac friend. I have to admit the cake was pretty good. I might have gone back for seconds.

Best of luck to L and A (although I don’t think you’ll need it) and thanks again for inviting me to celebrate with you!




  • Dress: Verve ($18)
  • Scarf and clutch: Hand me downs
  • Blazer: Wish, Want, Wear ($12)
  • Bracelet and Necklace: Value Village ($5)
  • Shoes: Salvation Army ($12)

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