classic sarah

Once upon a time, jeans and a blazer was my favourite combination. It’s casual yet classy. In a time before my wardrobe was dominated by skirts and dresses, it was my way of asserting myself as a fancy business casual person without actually working in an office. Jackets and blazers were always my weakness at thrift stores and were the first racks I headed towards. I found one for $1 once at a St. Vincent de Paul’s. It is too small. It barely fits across my shoulders, I have to roll up the sleeves because it’s obvious they don’t reach my wrists, and the sizeable elbow pads don’t even line up with my actual elbows. But I bought it because it was cute and only a dollar. Despite being the wrong size, I still wore it a ton and it’s still in my closet 5 years later.

However in the past few years, as my style has changed, I have found myself drifting away from blazers. I’m more likely to wear skirts or leggings and slouchy cardigans. The unofficial blazer hiatus was broken this Christmas. I was perusing a consignment store in Campbell River with my mum when she picked up this cream blazer and held it up to me with her “this is so you” face. I tried it on, it fit perfectly, and it was on sale. My blazer affinity was suddenly restored.

At the same time, while waiting for a dressing room to open up I found myself in the shoe section. I tried on a couple pairs of high heels (I can’t resist) and these Steve Madden boots. They are super comfy and I was very tempted to get them but decided I didn’t NEED them so returned them to the shelf. Afterwards when I came out of the dressing room with the blazer, a pair of $5 leggings, and a sweater for my sister, I found my mum in the exact spot I had been 10 minutes earlier trying on the boots. She also loved them, and has a much smaller shoe collection than I, so I easily convinced her to get them. Of course because we have the same shoe size, it means I get to borrow them 🙂

Do you also find yourself recycling old styles? Or returning to previously loved trends? Of course thrift stores and second hand clothes are the best way to rekindle these loving past relationships.


  • Blouse: Kerrisdale HOB Thrift Boutique ($18)
  • Blazer: Wish, Want, Wear ($11)
  • Jeans: The Patch ($25)
  • Boots: Wish, Want, Wear ($35)
  • Earrings: Value Village ($2) 
  • Clutch: NuTuYu ($1) 
  • Necklace: Lost and found at work 😉 
  • Photography: E ❤

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