spring breaking

There was a time not so long ago when I didn’t own any basics or neutrals. Every item of clothing in my wardrobe was a bright colour, a bold pattern, covered in ruffles and bows, or sometimes a combination of the three. I attribute this partly to my personality and partly to thrift shopping. When I walk into a thrift store that’s crammed with clothes, with no two items that are the same, I tend to gravitate to the eye catching colours, patterns, and details. Why go for a plain white tee when you can get a bright blouse with contrasting buttons?

Although I have relented and added a couple thrifted basics into the mix, my closet is still overflowing with colour. This makes packing for a vacation a little difficult because not everything matches and it’s hard to find some cohesion. Fortunately I’m not afraid of a little pattern mixing. This almost-open-backed shirt and patterned shorts combo was the perfect outfit for exploring Las Vegas on my mini spring break. Coming from a cold BC winter, the dry heat of the desert was very much welcome. The mix of patterns and the fun back details of the top meant no extra layers or accessories were needed to give the outfit any more visual interest. Which is good because although I was emotionally ready for some heat, my body was in for a bit of a shock when I stepped off the airplane in Vegas.

After a day of sight seeing (and requisite lounge by the pool), this outfit easily transitioned to a night out on the Vegas strip by adding a bit of makeup and swapping the shorts for my trusty black mini skirt. I ended up wearing these shorts with heels and a houndstooth-patterned peplum top the next night after a bit of chaffage caused by too much walking in cute sun dresses. This whole experience reaffirmed a few things I probably already knew: wear shorts when you’re doing to do a lot of walking, boring neutral basics aren’t necessary, and I’m at least a little bit afraid of heights.

These photos were taken on the observation deck at the Stratosphere hotel – the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. If there had not been a double protection security situation, I would not have easily stood this close to the edge. But it does make for some great photos! (Pro tip: if you want to check out the view, but don’t want to pay to go up, just pop into the Skylounge on the 107th floor for happy hour 😉 win win).

Have you faced your fears lately? It’s nothing like a little pattern mixing at some extreme heights to get the blood pumping!

  • Blouse: St. Vincent de Paul ($2.50)
  • Shorts: Value Village ($6)
  • Bag: hand me down 
  • Shoes: not second hand 
  • Photography: M ❤

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❤ S


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