make you no idols

I’ve never really been one to have fashion idols. I don’t admire specific people so much as specific styles: geometric prints, bright colours, flattering silhouettes. Having high expectations for a particular person’s (or as if often the case for me – TV character’s) fashion choices can be tricky, there’s bound to be a time when they take risks you don’t agree with (Pretty Little Liars anyone?).

However it recently came to my attention that I would be happy to wear every single thing Belle from Once Upon a Time has in her closet. Although she has questionable taste in men, her taste in fashion is on point.


In case you don’t watch the show, she’s the town librarian and totally rocks cute librarian chic – sassed up with some very high heels and the occasional handgun. Although my life isn’t glamorous enough to wear such footwear to check out a book, and guns aren’t really my thing, I appreciate (and want) everything about this. Great subtle mix of patterns and homage to classic vintage styles – that hat? Absolutely lovely.

So here is my interpretation of who is in my opinion the pinnacle of TV character fashion:

My sister got me this skirt for Christmas at a charity shop in England (she gets me and I love it). The shoes are easily my favourite heels (and if you read this post, you know it’s a big deal for me to say that). And how can you go wrong with a cute patterned blouse for less than 5 bucks? You can’t.  IMG_0518.JPG




  • Top: Value Village ($2.99)
  • Skirt: Charity Shop – Gift
  • Shoes: Baja Rosi’s Consignment ($40)
  • Jewelry: Gifts
  • Book: Library

9 thoughts on “make you no idols

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks! Sometimes I find it hard to make an outfit more visually interesting when the weather’s hot and you can’t just add more layers. A fun shoe usually does the trick 😉


  1. Sam says:

    Really cute! Totally Belle inspired. Love the way they style her on the show! (Although I think I may be more of an Emma as far as style lol!)


  2. stevehunn says:

    Since you are talking about tv/movie characters can I say that the photo of your shoes reminded me of the Wizard of Oz when the house landed on the witch and only her feet were sticking out.

    Liked by 1 person

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