gifting again

The same as last year, but with better pictures.  Whether or not you believe Christmas has lost all meaning beyond capitalism and consumerism, you have to admit the holiday season is one of excessive waste. From the abundance of food and gifts to decorations, this season has a huge impact on our planet. Now I … Continue reading gifting again

spring breaking

There was a time not so long ago when I didn't own any basics or neutrals. Every item of clothing in my wardrobe was a bright colour, a bold pattern, covered in ruffles and bows, or sometimes a combination of the three. I attribute this partly to my personality and partly to thrift shopping. When … Continue reading spring breaking

classic sarah

Once upon a time, jeans and a blazer was my favourite combination. It's casual yet classy. In a time before my wardrobe was dominated by skirts and dresses, it was my way of asserting myself as a fancy business casual person without actually working in an office. Jackets and blazers were always my weakness at thrift … Continue reading classic sarah

endive & indulge

My sister has been asking me to make her an apron for Christmas for the past several years. I've been known to be fairly last minute when it comes to gifts, which can be tricky when I like to make them myself. One year I gave her a half finished scarf with attached needles and … Continue reading endive & indulge

big day for l and a

After the winter we’ve been having, my weeklong vacation to Arizona to celebrate L and A’s wedding could not come soon enough. Unfortunately I was sick on the couch for most of it, and even Scottsdale was experiencing below average temperatures. But it was still great to catch up and celebrate with my high school […]

winter wardrobe

Confession: In university I once tweeted "Leggings and a sweater, an outfit does not make". Pretentious poeticism aside, I have changed my mind about this style of clothes. At the time, I was referring to the myriad of girls running around campus in so-thin-everyone-can-see-everything yoga pants and UVic hoodies. And I don't mean 'running' as in … Continue reading winter wardrobe

all the clothes

Although I am Canadian, I grew up in Arizona and will always be a desert girl at heart. When I first moved to British Columbia almost ten years ago I experienced my first "real winter", even if it was in one of the mildest places in Canada. That was the first and last time I … Continue reading all the clothes